All of the webinars on this page are advanced webinars. 
To participate in these webinars you have to already know how to do holographic breathing - (The movement of the jaw with the breath).
You can learn holographic breathing free of charge at the beginning of any of the videos on this link –

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working with the different energy systems of the hands feet arms and legs
Sunday's November 6th, December 4th, January 8th, February 5th.
7 pm - 9 pm UK time
2 pm - 4 pm EST New York time.

In the next advanced webinar we will be working with the energy points in hands fee arms and legs.
Along with this we will be looking at how they relate to the cerebrum, cerebellum adrenals kidneys bladder urethra vagina and penis.
You can come to just this webinar separately or you can also register for the whole series and get the recordings of all of the previous webinars in this series these webinars have been outstanding and groundbreaking it is definitely worthwhile getting the recordings.Below is from a previous newsletter where I talked about the kidneys and adrenals and blue energy circuit.
In this webinar we will be working with those but also including the higher energy circuit which relates to the cerebrum cerebellum arms and legs.

I will be writing more about this over the next few days.

we will be working with the different energy systems and their energy centres in the arms, legs, hands, and feet.
So far this has been a very powerful series and you can either register for the whole series or just come to this webinar.
The specific energy system that we will be working with in relation to this, is the lung energy circuit.
The lung energy circuit also has a lot to do with the breathing motion of the sinuses, eyes, cranium, and cranial sea.
In the previous webinars in this series, we worked with three of the energy systems which were the deep Earth, Fire, and yellow energies.
In this webinar, we will take those deeper and also be including the lung energies.
The lung energies are to do with the lungs, colon, spinal base, and central brain complex. 
It also relates to the sideways breathing motion of the whole body and the vertical kundalini running up the spine and through the brain.
This is a very powerful and transformative circuit especially if you are interested in the breath and optimizing it.

After the last one of these, I had many emails telling me how magical and healing people found that particular webinar.
I recommend this webinar series to everyone.

You can either come to just the next webinar or to the whole series.
The whole series is at a reduced price.
If you register for the full series you will get the recordings from the last three webinars and the links to the next webinar.
This has been a deeply powerful webinar series and it's well worth registering for the whole thing.

Here is a link to pay £29 for the full series

If you wish to Pay separately for the webinars it is £14 for the first webinar and then £8 for each remaining webinar you attend in this series. 
Here is a pay button for £14

If you have already come to one of the webinars in this series and wish to do this second one here is a link for £8.
If you are not sure if you came to one of the webinar. Please contact me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I can let you know.

Recorded webinars

The sound quality in these recordings are probably better than in the webinars as the sound is recorded separately and then added to the videos and the MP3 files

The tongue and brain webinar series

This series has included some of the most ground-breaking webinars that we've done. The last one in the series was a complete and utter revelation. I can recommend this webinar series to everybody as a fundamental and intrinsic part of holographic breathing.
The cost of this webinar series is £29.
Here is a link to pay.

The yellow energies webinar series

The yellow energy webinar series was a deeply potent series.
The organs of this series are the tongue throat stomach and spleen. It also connects the lot with the astrocytes cells of the brain the higher self and earth.
The sexual potency that rises through this circuit for healing and transcendence is the clitoris, and the erectile tissue of the penis.
The cost of this webinar series is £29.
Here is a link to pay.

The brain and higher energies series

This series has been the most powerful series to date and includes the cerebrum, cerebellum, arms and legs.
The cost of this webinar series is £29.
Here is a link to pay.

The fire energy webinars

All here are the recordings from the fire energy webinars. In these we work with the uterus/prostate ovary/testis, small intestines, Hara, heart, thymus, thyroid, pituitary gland and hypothalamus.
This was a very potent webinar series. There were for webinars and the cost is £29.
Here is the link to pay

The divine conception webinars

 Here are 2 webinars where we work with the uterus/prostate and ovaries/testes (the chalice and seed). 
In these webinars we work with the chalice for channeling and receiving the higher energies and the seed of life. This creates our own internal conception and then womb life. This is deeply healing on all levels. 
The cost of these 2 webinars is £16

The lung energies webinar series

Here are the webinar recordings for the lung energy seminars. There are 4 webinars in this series the 1st one is more to do with the rectum and pelvic floor, the 2nd to do with the colon, the 3rd to do with the lungs and the 4th to do with the central brain complex. 
The cost for the full series is £29.

The deep Earth energies webinar series

Here are the webinar recordings the deep Earth energies.
This is a powerful series with 4 webinars. We work with the energy points for these organs – pancreas, liver, gallbladder, and duodenum.
The cost for the full series is £29.

If you would like to contribute to my work here is a donate button.

Payment for an individual session £60

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