Free webinar
Breathwork for fasting and healing the organs and diaphragms 
Sunday, April 14
7 pm - 8:30 pm UK time
2 pm - 3:30 pm EST New York time.

You can register for this free webinar on this link.

In this webinar, there will be a talk and a guided meditation.

In this webinar you will learn –
Holographic Breathing
Breathing meditations for healing the diaphragm and organs.
These meditations are also helpful for dry fasting.
They are also useful for healing inner birth and for pregnancy and real-life birth.

Everyone is welcome.

You can register from this link

This text is from the last newsletter. 
It's about the energies at this time and the Free webinar 

I'm just unraveling my thoughts into this newsletter and the energies of the next free webinar.
I don't know about the East but it seems to me that the West is moving into chaos.
What used to be conspiracy theories are becoming the new truths.
Many countries seem to be financially bankrupt and diverting the attention by creating wars and suchlike.
Anything to win the next election, to stay in power and gather riches.It seems to me that governments and powerful corporations can at the wave of a pen end the health and lives of millions of people.
And that afterwards, there is no need for culpability or justice.Quite the opposite, these people are beyond the law and set themselves up for a nice retirement.

But I wonder what happens karmically?My guess is, that they know what they are doing, and would not be doing it were it not for their financial and positional gains.
I cannot help but think that they deny areas of themselves to achieve what they're trying to achieve.This is definitely something that I would not choose for myself. 

I think many people want justice.I was watching a movie - "The Lone Ranger" and many times Johnny Depp told him "Justice is what a man takes for himself."

But what if justice is instant, karmic, and perfectly balanced?

What if God dishes out the justice?

This does not mean you don't have to act and do everything that feels right and good.
You are also what God is dishing out.

What if all of these players and everything that is happening is meant to be?
That it is part of the rightful and perfect unraveling of karma,

and the transit into the new age.

What if the dark has to fight the light, and that they are both perfectly balanced?

Along with all of this, there is the unwinding of the universe.
The spiraling of the earth around the sun, the sun through the galaxy, and the galaxy through the universe.

There are the energies of the divine teachers and divine realms, truth and love.

There is the magic of the earth and nature.
We are connected to and intrinsically part of all of these.

In this free webinar
We are working with the breath, the diaphragms, organs, and healing.
But along with that, we are working with all of the above and whatever you bring to the webinar yourself.
By coming to the webinar you are part of the webinar and what transpires. 

Free Webinar
Breathwork for healing the organs and diaphragms
Sunday, April 14
7 pm - 8:30 pm UK time
2 pm - 3:30 pm EST New York time.

I have just finished a nine-day dry fast.
I will be talking about that and also how Holographic Breathing is beneficial for fasting and healing.
I will also be talking about how Holographic Breathing brings in new paradigm to the experience of breathing in the womb, birth, and the connection to the original matrix.
Along with this, I will be showing how to work with the long breaths, the diaphragms, and organs.
In the meditation, I will be teaching Holographic Breathing and then working with the above and letting whatever wants to unravel, unravel, on any level or energy.
One of the reasons that many people pass out in these webinars and recordings is that as soon as I started talking in them, I started talking out the energies that be.
Along with that whatever is unfolding, in me, and in the group, and coming from the heavens, the higher self, divine realms and divine teachers.

A truly wonderful energy starts traveling through me and I just let it be and talk out what I feel.

I set up a structure and there are structures to teach but on another level what goes on, goes on.
There are many activations, divine interventions, channeling, and healings that goes on in these webinars.
If you want to be part of this, then register and come to the webinar.

Everyone is welcome.

Here is a link to register –

Here is the video of the previous webinar on this topic.
We will be going into this in more depth in the webinar above.

Here are some recordings from recent free webinars

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