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Below is some information about the Chequers sacred site. 
This is for the George Galloway show.

The chalices at Chequers

This picture is of the Ridgeway, ancient tracks and energy lines at Chequers

Chequers is the country side retreat for the UK Prime Minister.
The Ridgeway is an 6000 year old pilgrimage route to Avebury and Stonehenge . 
It is also a national treasure and public right of way.

Here is a picture story showing all the different areas of the Chalices at Chequers
and there energetic significance.

At the bottom of the page are some videos to learn how to work with the sacred energies at Chequers. I hope you enjoy. Please let your friends know about my message at Chequers.

Also at the bottom of the page are maps showing how the public have lost their rightful access to the Ridgeway, Beacon Hill, and this sacred site due to the seclusion zone around chequers.

This is Beacon Hill viewed from Coombe Hill. These are the two hills on this site and are the tops of the Chalice.  Beacon Hill is the left hand side of the Chalice in the picture at the top of the page. It has a very potent and spiritual  energy and for me, it has a quality of the spiritual governance of England. This energy comes down in the circle at the front of the hill (this circle is shown further down the page). The top of this hill has only recently been made available to the public and only the front half.

 The route to the top of Beacon Hill is steep and hard to access. Because of this I rarely see anyone on Beacon Hill,. Which is a shame as it is the only place from which you can see the full arc of the chalice. 

This is Coombe Hill Viewed from Chequers. Beacon Hill is off to the left, making the other side of the Chalice. 
For me Coombe Hill has a more male energy, and Beacon Hill has a more female energy. This is part of the Tantric make up of this site. 
Chequers mansion has been built next to the lowest point of the chalice's  arc between these two hills. This area holds a very particular and central energy. There is also a water energy line running south from here to the pond. Whoever built this, knew what they were doing, as they were careful to keep a comfortable distance from both of these energy lines.  

If they had built on these they would have been interfering and I doubt they would have been able to sleep. You can also see, from the map at the top of the page, that the internal roads at the mansion run parallel to the water energy line. This makes the shape of a smaller chalice that points in the same direction. For me, energetically, this is not a house to live in. It is more of a place to visit for spiritual rejuvenation. 
I have put the two energy lines in the picture above. The red line is the Ridgeway and the blue one is the water energy line. 

Beacon Hill, Chequers and the Ridgeway viewed from Coombe Hill.

This picture is viewing towards the West and from here the ridgeway continues unbroken all the way down to Avebury, over a total distance of 76 miles. It is also a national treasure and a public right of way.

Chequers viewed from Beacon Hill.

The only easy access to Beacon Hill is along the Ridgeway running up from Chequers, and the Prime Minister is the only one to have access to that. 
The fence to Chequers land is in Blue. There is a stile there, which I guess is for the Prime Minister, as on this side there is a sign "Important - No entry - Terrorist Act"

This natural circle is at the front of Beacon Hill and for some reason always reminds me of the legendary Round Table. I had not realised it was here as it is easy to miss. But one day whilst sitting on the edge of it, viewing across the chalice to Combe Hill, this circle activated.
I came to the southern edge of it and there were 12 or 13 divine beings/energies pouring down into the circle. These were those energies of spiritual governance that I spoke of earlier and there was a beautiful quality of wisdom and compassion to them. 
These energies came as a group and after a while they  converged into one bright light filling the whole circle, and pouring down into the hill. This was a bigger energy than just for this site, and seemed to energise the whole Ridgeway and surrounding land. I think it is an important Earth activation point.

This dug out burial mound is at the very front of Beacon Hill and it's just past the circle in the previous picture. The Church is at the base of the hill.

The church in front of Beacon Hill is on a small hillock, which to me looks like it may have been a burial mound. It is also on energy lines including the Icknield way, which is the road directly in front of it. For me this would have been a pagan ceremonial site. It reminds me of the ceremonial site in front of the Uffington white horse, which is also on a hillock. Behind the Church are the springs which release the water from Beacon Hill and quickly become a river. 

This picture was taken on the winter solstice. It is of a group of us at the circle on Beacon Hill. 
This is part of a ceremony where we are swapping between the hand mudras  for the chalice and the hand mudras for the prayer. 
In the picture, people are holding the mudra for the chalice. 
The hand mudra for the prayer has the hands together and pointing up. This is the one that People often use when praying.

This chalice  is of the steep escarpment of the hills, and to do with the water circuit. The pink circle next to Chequers house is the lowest point on the ridge between the two hills. This is an important energy centre and central to this particular chalice.
The mauve  arrows are along the Ridgeway. These show the downward direction of the land, and the flow of water towards this area.
 The blue arrows are the downward direction of the land, and the flow of water away from this area. The water travels away from the pink area in both directions, going north and south along the water energy line. South along this line are ponds and springs. The last pond is beside an energy centre and is fully available as it is off Chequers land.

This is the water energy line travelling south from Chequers. You can see there is a gentle gradient flowing towards it from either side.

In the picture to the left, the green line is the boundary around Chequers.
 No one is allowed inside this green perimeter. 
This stops people travelling along the true Ridgeway which is the red line. 
Then on top of this the public are lied to and told that the ridgeway runs along the yellow line.
 So people don't even realise they have lost access to the real Ridgeway. 

Beacon Hill is the pinnacle of the Ridgeway here. 
But people don't realise that because they have been told that it's not on the Ridgeway.

There is never anybody on Beacon Hill because the government has made it next to impossible to reach the summit.
It would make an easy walk if they opened it up from Chequers side.

The public also don't realise that the Ridgeway makes this beautiful chalice and sacred site as they have been misled as to where the Ridgeway is.

Chequers was given to England for prevailing in the Second World War.

But all that happened is that the Prime Minister has moved in to the exclusion of everybody else.

Just the upkeep of Chequers is £850,000 a year, £2500 a day.

If you include it the military style protection here it would be many times that.

Old people will be dying this winter through lack of food and heating.

I find it abhorrent that the Prime Minister is living here like royalty while others suffer.

If you add into the mix that this is actually a public right of way and national heritage site, it may also be illegal to stop people from walking along the Ridgeway through the exclusion zone.

I think it would be respectful of the people of Britain, and the people who died in the Second World War and their families to make Chequers open to the public.

Healing meditations to work with the sacred energies at Chequers.

Here are some videos where you can learn how to work with the energies of the sacred site at Chequers. To do this first need to learn holographic breathing.
You can learn holographic from the beginning or end of all of these videos. I hope you enjoy. Please pass on my message about Chequers to your friends.

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