The video above is from the last free webinar we will be carrying on from this in the next free breathing and healing webinar shown below.

Holographic Breathing and Healing Webinar
Sunday, 12 Novermber
7 pm to 8:30 pm UK time 
2 pm to 3:30 pm EST New York time

The first webinar on this topic was very potent. The recordings from that webinar have had the best viewing statistics in the length of time people listen to it. This points towards people enjoying the webinar and the meditation.
We will be carrying on from that first webinar.
I will talk for a while about the different energies that are coming through at the time of the webinar.
These include spiritual, universal, and earth energies plus the general effects through society.
In the guided meditation I will teach Holographic Breathing and be listening to the group energies and spiritual energies and letting everything unfold from that in a natural and healing way.
This opens up differently for everyone, and everybody is resourced in their own way from their own spiritual evolution.
Everyone is welcome.

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Here is the previous webinar in the series above

This is theThe video previous webinar   Craniofacial Breathing part 1

Here is the video of  Adjusting the Face & Cranial Bones With 
The Spaces Between The Breaths
 part one

Here are the recordings from Previous webinars 

Here are free webinar recordings from previous webinars
The first video below on the left is the recordings from the last webinar activating the third eye, brain, and kundalini.
This was a really fantastic webinar and well worth the view.

In the middle I've included a video which I mentioned in the webinar and it's about working with different organs the kundalini and also includes some of my previous teachers and the creation of holographic breathing.

The third video on the right is a short introduction to the advanced webinar on Sunday, 16 October

Working with the energies of the snake, the kundalini, and the transformation of the sexual energies

we are working with the cranial motion, healing the lungs and brain and channeling.

we are working with the cranial motion, channeling, the energies of the new age and earth core activation.

These three webinars run on one from the other they all work with craniofacial breathing and also channeling the higher energies.
The last one on the left also has a strong earth activation.

The first recording to the left is the breathing motion of the cranial bones and third eye activation webinar.
The second recording in the middle is also to do with the cranial motion and channelling
The third video on the right is the shorter one and just to do channelling. 

The first one this includes learning holographic breathing, channeling, and Brain breathing.
The 2nd one igniting the sexual energies the transformation.
The 3rd healing the sexual energies and legs the health and transformation.

In the first video below on the left we work with channeling, and spiritual evolution.
In the second video from the left we work We work with all the different energy levels of the face and cranium and how these connect to the Earth and higher self.
 we also do channelling from the higher self.
In these next two pink webinars we work with the uterus and prostate (the chalice).
 We also open into the divine energies and channel these through the chalice. 
These webinars lead on one from the other one on the right is the first and the one on the left is the 2nd.

I teach holographic breathing and we use that to connect with our internal memories of being fish, dolphins, and Wales. We also experience having gills and the opening and closing through the sides of the head, neck, and jaw. This breathing motion expands through the whole body it is deeply healing and integrates into the swimming of the fish.

A Universal Rebirth -
 Journey into the Earth, Creation, and the Universal Energies

In this webinar, participants learn how to do Holographic Breathing. Then how to use Holographic Breathing to experience the energies of the spaces between the breaths. 
Then after this, we will be using the spaces to open the base and crown chakras and circulating the energies between them.

In this webinar, teaching Holographic Breathing and we use that to work with the sacred energies of the skull. When these energies are all working together the mystical geometry of the skull activates and aligns with the body and subtle realms. 

Here are all of the cranial webinar recordings. 

These are for everybody not just cranial practitioners and will give you the new healing vision for the brain and nervous system. There are guided meditations in all of them so you can heal your brain, nervous system, and self.
in all of these videos I teach holographic breathing at the beginning and part of the dynamic we are working with and then take that deeper with a 2nd talk and 2nd guided journey.
All of these recordings are whole and to themselves so you can do them in any particular order.
There is also pictures stories below them where I show the anatomy in more depth.
Here is a short video introduction to these videos and vision

This is an introduction talk to the series

This was the 2nd cranial webinar again I talk about the cranial sea and also about working with the 3rd eye complex.

This was the 3rd cranial webinar we worked with the cranial sea and also I taught about the direction of flow and how it heals through the 3rd eye complex

This is the 4th webinar recording where we worked with the cranial sea and the astrocytes cells this was a very potent webinar.

This is the 5th cranial webinar where we were working with the cranial sea and healing the myelin sheath. This video shows  how the cranial sea flows through the nerves and how it keeps its integrity as it goes.

This is the 2nd part of the myelin sheath webinar. It's really good as it has a 3-D model to show how it all works and becomes channels for the cranial sea to flow out through the body.

This is the 6th cranial webinar where we are healing the cranial sea, The blood-brain barrier, lymph, and heart. I also show the 3 filters that create the cranial sea.

This is the 2nd lecture and 2nd meditation from the 7th cranial webinar. This is the lecture where I show all the dynamics of the onebrane. This gives a bit of an overview of the new vision for the cranial sea.

The 7th cranial video it shows the Onebrane that surrounds a whole nervous system and how this acts as a filter to preserve the pristine nature of cranial sea

In these three picture articles I show a new vision for the Cranial Sea

here are 3 picture stories showing the new vision of the cranial sea and the glial cells.
The pictures I have used are from paintings which I made about 10 years ago to describe my inner experiences of how this whole area works. 
I hope you enjoy.
I highly recommend this to anybody but especially to cranial practitioners. These articles help people understand concepts and founding principles of the cranial sea and cranial fluids.
It is clear that the theory about the cranial fluid in the textbooks cannot work, and for me, it's worthwhile spending the time to understand this area and the concepts that do work.
Not only do they work, but they are also deeply healing and evolutionary.

.in the 1st one I show the underlying principles of the cranial sea and also how the image that is shown in the anatomy books is against science and nature -

Is the traditional image of the cranial fluid wrong? (2)

in the 2nd one I show the 3 filters that create cranial sea and how the myelinating glial cells work as capillaries to channel the cranial sea down the nerves -

The three filters that create the cranial sea and how it flows through the myelinating glial capillaries

the 3rd one is a new vision of how the cranial sea flows through the brain ventricles and nerves -

A new view of how the cranial sea flows through the central nervous system and ventricles

Free webinar recordings teaching how to heal yourself using the same inner sacred geometry as The Healing Chalices at Chequers

Here are some free webinar recordings showing how to work with the energies at Chequers 
and also how to work with that same inner sacred geometry of the chalices within yourself. 
These are deeply healing webinars.

Click on this button for all of the maps and pictures showing chequers and the chalice

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