This is me, Martin Jones.
 I am the founder of Holographic Breathing

My healing career started in the mid-80s when I started The Lotus School of Tai Chi and Healing Arts. 
At this time I was teaching Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Craniosacral Therapy and Tibetan healing. 
Unfortunately in 1996 I contracted Neurological Lyme Disease and my health deteriorated until I was nearly bedridden.
I spent many years trying to heal this disease and then in 2002 whilst meditating I channelled Holographic Breathing.

Holographic Breathing came through as a powerful download of energy.
The energy drove through my brain, and face and into the jaw, where it awakened a cellular memory.
My lips were pulled together, the tongue to the roof of the mouth, and with the lips still closed - on the in breath my jaw was gently opening and on the out breath gently closing.

As this happened a wavelike motion spread through my face, cranium, brain and whole body.
This was accompanied by healing energies travelling through me and connecting with my higher self and the divine realms.
I used this new healing/breathwork to heal myself of Lyme disease.
This breathing seemed to encompass everything I had done before 
and I have been teaching it ever since.​

I am celebrating, this video below. 
It was the first video that I made to teach Holographic Breathing. 
Anyway, it has ticked away in the background and now gone over 40,000 views.
It's magic really, I don't have to do anything, people just keep on clicking on it and learning. 
It's a short 10-minute tutorial to learn Holographic Breathing –

Here is a link to the next Free Webinar –

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Here are some free videos at the beginning of each one I teach how to do Holographic Breathing and then go on to teach further dynamics and meditations.

In this video I teach holographic breathing and how to work with a whole-body breath including the feet psoas muscle and diaphragm. We also work with the connection to the brain and higher self.

We work with the different organs of the pelvis to release the sexual potency there as a healing energy to transform through the body and spine and to ascend into the higher self.

In this video I teach holographic breathing and how to create nitric oxide and prana in the mouth and all of the sinuses of the face and cranium. We also work with the different energies of all of these areas and their connection with the higher self.

Larry Pesta  an English professor.  Phoenix, Arizona

I watched the Free Video Tutorials today, and I have to tell you . . . it was fantastic! I was so relaxed and blissful!  I immediately emailed a friend of mine (a Phd in biology with whom I work), and she wrote back telling me she had the same experience. Thanks for posting these.  Now, I want to continue with the rest of them! Continued - I have done lots of breathing work throughout the years, and this definitely is the best! I did Seminar Two, and it was an even better experience!  I went to bed and woke up during the night a couple of times.  Each time I awoke, I did the process until falling asleep again. I love doing it!  It is very natural, and it is something I want to do. I am also going to be doing Seminar Three in the next few days.  I am sure my wonderful experiences will continue!


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