As well as this, if you also consider that the cranial fluid is arriving into the base of the cranium and leaving at top of the cranium - 
Can you see any reason why it would not just flow straight  from the bottom of the cranium to the top
and not travel down the the Dural tube in the first place ?

To this day it is still not possible for science to measure cranial fluid flow. 
So the picture to the left is just a theory.

In the article below I show the underlying principles of the cranial sea. In the light of these principles the traditional theory about the cranial fluid is literally absurd. 

 Also here are links to two picture articles where I show a new vision of the cranial sea. 
This new vision is in alignment with scientific principles, it makes sense and it's healing.

A new view of how the cranial sea flows through the central nervous system and ventricles The three filters that create the cranial sea and how it flows through the myelinating glial capillaries

Here is a link to free webinars and videos teaching holographic breathing and how to work with the cranial sea.


The case for the cranial sea

The tradition view of the cranial fluid can not work if the cranial fluid from within the brain 
mixes with the cranial fluid in the ventricles and around.

The image to the left gives an impression that the brain is solid and separate from cranial fluid flowing around it. 
Lets consider if that is  an accurate Image?

In reality the brain is 90% water and has the consistency of soft jelly. 
For me a more accurate image of the brain is of the cells being more like are seaweed floating in salt water.

Does the fluid within the brain mix with the fluid in the ventricles 

The cranial fluid in the brain and ventricles are identical they are both 99% water, 1% salt, oxygen, and glucose. 
 Also they can flow back and forth between each other at will.

For myself I see these as one fluid, and I have called it the cranial sea.

What does the cranial sea do?

The cranial sea is food and oxygen for the cells, and lymph to take away the carbon dioxide and toxins.

In the brain the cranial sea is produced from the capillaries.
In the ventricles the cranial sea is produced from the choroid plexus. 

Where are the Choroid plexus?

The choroid plexus are shown in red in the picture to the left above and the picture below.

The choroid plexus are wrapped around the thalamus. They are also inside the thalamus and inside the brainstem. 
Then there are open spaces spreading out from choroid plexus full of cranial sea these spaces are called ventricles. 

what are the jobs of the Choroid plexus

The choroid plexus has two jobs it absorbs cranial fluid with carbon dioxide and toxins in it. 
This is absorbed into the venous blood inside the choroid plexus and taken back to the heart.

It also produces cranial fluid with oxygen, glucose, and salt which are food the glial cells.

Why does the traditional view of the cranial fluid not show choroid plexus receiving carbon dioxide?

The traditional image at the top of the page just shows cranial fluid flowing out of the choroid plexus carry oxygen. 
But It does not show any cranial fluid flowing into the choroid plexus carry carbon dioxide. 

For the choroid plexus to work properly it will need the same amount of fluid flowing into it as is flowing out.

Where do you see this fluid full of carbon dioxide is coming from?

For myself I think that cranial lymph full of carbon dioxide flows from the body of the brain into the ventricle and is absorbed into the Choroid plexus. 

For this to happen these two fluids would be completely mixed from the very beginning and one fluid - the cranial sea.

Do you think is a reasonable assumption that the traditional view does not show fluid full of carbon dioxide flowing into ventricles and choroid plexus because if it did then that theory could not work?

As the choroid plexus is part of the thalamus and brainstem is it safe to assume that 
it provides oxygen, nutriments and drainage for this central area of the brain?

Everywhere in the body the oxygen and nutriments come out of the blood and are used by the cells around and then the carbon dioxide, toxins and fluid are taken in by the venous blood and lymph and return to the heart.

The only place this does not happen is in the traditional view of the cranial fluid. In this view it comes out of the Choroid plexus, travels all the way down to the bottom of the spine, and then all the way to the top of the head, and then is released back into the venous blood apparently without being used. 

The only way the oxygen and nutriments could be used is if this fluid flowed into the body of the brain where the glial cells are so that it could feed them. 
Then it would no longer be cranial fluid. It would be cranial sea.

Do you think that a more realistic theory is that it just works the same as everywhere else in the body.
And that the oxygen and glucose just come out of the choroid plexus and feed the glial cells of the thalamus and brainstem and then the carbon dioxide absorbs back into the venous blood?

The traditional theory depicts system where there is no cranial lymph. 

In the picture below I show the volume of cranial lymph.

How does the cranial lymph leave the central nervous system?

After the venous blood has taken its full amount of cranial sea the rest of the cranial sea flows off as cranial lymph. There is only one way for this cranial is lymph to flow and that is towards the exits. 
The exits are the dura and the nerves.

 The dura is a thick membrane so the cranial lymph will float through this to a lesser extent. But the nerves are completely open there is nothing to stop the cranial lymph from flowing down through the nerves.

How does the tradition theory explain where the cranial lymph goes

In the traditional theory shows a system where there is no cranial lymph and that the whole of the cranial sea flows out through the venous blood.
My view on that is that this concept is literally impossible.

It also shows a system where the cranial sea cannot flow out through the dura or the nerves. 
For myself this view is absurd.

What are your views on how the traditional theory does not take into account cranial lymph?

The fundamental principles of water within the body

Cranial sea is 99% water. 
One of the fundamental principles of water within the body is that it can flow anywhere either directly or through cells and membranes by osmosis. 
So there is nowhere in the body that water cannot flow to.
Bearing this in mind do you think that the water content of the cranial sea (99%) can flow out through the nerves and dura?
Do you think the whole of the cranial sea can flow out through the nerves and dura?

Above is the picture of the inside of the nerve. 
(I go into the cranial sea dynamics of the nerves in a great deal of detail in the picture story the three filters that create cranial sea). There are links to this at the top and bottom of the page.

The spiral things are myelinating glial cells and inside the spirals is cranial sea. The myelinating glial cells are also surrounded by cranial sea. 
As the nerves travel out from the brainstem and from the spinal cord they can travel quite some way before they reach the dura. Especially the where these nerves are really long and bathing in cranial sea in the bottom third of the Dural tube. The outside membrane of these nerves is completely porous. 
Bearing that in mind do you believe that the cranial sea around these nerves can flow into these nerves?

Here is a picture of the cranial sea flowing off down through a nerve

When these nerves arrive at the dura they just pass through it. There is no membrane or anything to stop the cranial sea carrying on and flowing further down through the nerve.

Bearing this in mind do you think the cranial sea within the nerve and within the myelinating glial cell carry on flowing down through the nerve as it is travelling out through the dura?
And by doing so travelling down the nerve? 

That is the end of the quiz part 

I had always believed that the traditional picture of the cranial fluid was correct as that is what was taught to me on the cranial trainings I had done. Why would I have thought it to be different?

It was not until I discovered Holographic Breathing that a new vision of the cranial system opened. This vision included all of the fluids of the central nervous system including cranial lymph.

This first picture story shows the anatomy and flow of the cranial sea and cranial lymph.

A new view of how the cranial sea flows through the central nervous system and ventricles

This second picture story shows the three filters that produce the cranial sea and also goes into depth how the cranial sea and lymph travel off down through the nerves. It also shows how the myelinating glial cells produce cranial sea and make capillaries for the cranial sea flow down through the nerves.

The three filters that create the cranial sea and how it flows through the myelinating glial capillaries

This video is from a webinar where I talked about how that new vision of the cranial sea opened. 
In this video I teach Holographic Breathing and take people on guided journeys with the cranial sea.

In these we work with the cranial sea as a portal to our selves and the universal energies. We also work with the third eye crown chakra and kundalini in this video.